Another new feature of the robotic center is Amadeo, which extends the existing Tyromotion robotics programs – Tymo and Pablo. The Amadeo system is designed for robotic rehabilitation of patients with localized dysfunction of the distal part of the upper limb, especially the fingers. Enables intense and ergonomic training of finger movements to improve grip functions. It is ideal for use in all phases of neurorehabilitation, but also in patients with traumatological-orthopedic surgery. Therapy takes place in a virtual environment where games are focused on motion-specific therapeutic goals, and thus supports the improvement of cognitive deficits.


The Amadeo Therapy program is a new robotic assisted approach to increase finger and hand motor skills. Rehabilitation of very damaged finger movements and post-stroke hands is demanding and the results are often unsatisfactory. The Amadeo system has been developed to improve hand rehabilitation by inducing intensive and repetitive motion sequences in an individual way. The program is designed for hand and finger therapy.

Price per lesson: 1 000, – CZK


Pablo is a modern therapeutic tool that is used to rehabilitate patients with deficiency or dysfunction of the hand. The main advantage is the possibility of adapting the game parameters to the realistic and functional state of the given patient. This improves the patient’s muscular and neurocognitive feedback, which improves the coordination, increases the strength and the patient’s dexterity. The program is designed for hand and forearm therapy.

Price per lesson: 1 000, – CZK


Tymo is a therapeutic system for modern computer rehabilitation. The system evaluates the functionality of the upper and lower limbs and can thus be used to adequately control the progress of the patient. Modules of therapy along with audiovisual feedback ensure maximum attention and motivation for the trainee patient. The program is designed for the treatment of the upper and lower limbs.

Price per lesson: 1 000, – CZK

Occupational injuries and trauma of the upper limbs appear more and more in the modern industrial and technological society. Large traumatic lesions need an operation, and unfortunately, the time needed for recovery is often very long, and in itself it is a strenuous process that can take years, and may be interrupted by other surgery or minor surgery. The latest robotic center programs can significantly shorten this time and improve the momentum of the hand.